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me me me!!

Started learning piano when I was 4. I continued studying classical piano until I was 20-21, however, during my Teens I inevitably fell in love with the electric guitar and more modern music styles (come on, it was the 90s!!).


At the dawn of the new millennia I joined “Music Academy 2000” in Bologna where I gained a Higher Diploma in electric guitar and modern music with some of Italy’s best musicians including Giacomo Castellano, Roberto Priori, Max Magagni and Alessandro Altarocca.

In the meantime I completed my Master Degree in Musicology at Bologna University with an essay titled “The Perception of Tonal and Atonal Structures in the Psychological Literature of the 20th Century”, you may look at it as a "nature vs nurture analysis of musical structures/systems/tunings".

So there I was with my classical piano background, a higher diploma in electric guitar and an MA in Musicology and what did I do? Moved to London of course!


I now play keyboards with a few artists and bands primarily on the blues/folk/funk/R&B/soul scene, I sometimes gig with some rock artists too (not enough) and I can be found on the odd wedding/party stage.

I have a couple of albums and an EP in my name available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, BandCamp and so on (please buy using BandCamp, they're the ones that pay the most, however, feel free to stream my stuff on Spotify day in/day out!).


The first one is called CONVERSATIONS WITH MYSELF and it’s a collection of improvised piano solo tracks I published in 2011. It can get really intense, dark, has some cheesy moments, it can be dissonant at times but I think it reflects how I felt at that point in my life. It’s the closest thing to the journal I’ve never kept.

The second album has a lot richer instrumentation and arrangement with a lot of guests too!!!

It’s called Through My Hands. It’s available online in all the major stores but also as a CD (remember those discs with a cover?) drop me a line if you want one.

Latest one is called "Sentimental Education" (remember Flaubert?), it's again a piano solo EP, short and sweet with some really pretty tracks. Finished and mixed during the infamous lockdown months of 2020.

There's more music in the works, so watch this space for updates!

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